Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians but he was not yet learned in the ways of God, even though he was mighty in words and in deeds. He could not fulfill God’s commission to lead Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land using Egyptian wisdom and carnal words and deeds. He was learned in all fighting tactics of Egypt and he killed that Egyptian because he was a mighty man physically, but God could not use this. That was not God’s strategy.
Moses showed himself unto them. Let me advise you: don’t show yourself to people. God is not interested in a man showing himself to people. When the time of manifestation came, the Bible says that God showed John to Israel and He also showed Jesus to Israel – they didn’t show themselves. A lot of people show themselves before God’s time, and it is very wrong. This was not God’s time for Moses. He was not yet trained to use God’s method and God’s strategy. He was only learned in the ways of Egypt. There are many people who have great destinies hanging upon their lives, great callings, and powerful visions brewing in their hearts but the thing delaying their programme is that they are still learned in all the wisdom of this world and they still want to pursue the call of God in the way of the world.
Moses had to go for forty years of training in the school of the Holy Ghost. God could not use anything he had learned in the school of men. God cannot use man’s wisdom for His programme. It is divine wisdom that God will use to execute His programme on the earth. It may look foolish or sound illogical, but if it’s God’s strategy, it will produce the God-kind of results. If you use human strategy, you will get human results.

PRAYERLord, I submit myself to the divine school of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name.

BIBLE IN A YEARJeremiah 33:1-34:22, 1 Timothy 4:1-16, Psalm 89:1-13, Proverbs 25:23-24