David was already used to a spiritual relationship. The staff in his hand represents his calling, the five smooth stones that he picked from the brook speaks of the revelation. The flowing brook represents the move of the Holy Spirit - the operations of the Holy Ghost in David’s life. The stones speak of the instructions that God had given him. He put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had, and even a scrip and the sling was in his hand. The sling represents David’s spiritual life. The strength of your spiritual life will determine the accuracy of your receiving from God and walking with God.
David depended on his relationship with God, and that’s what the spirit is saying. He depended on divine strategy. Saul’s armour stands for human strategy or worldly wisdom to carry out the battle of the Lord. David rejected it, knowing that he could not win a battle using human wisdom. It was God who commanded the battle; therefore, you must get the divine strategy. 
When you feel you’ve come to a place that you know God and that you don’t need to pray as much as you used to do, you are getting overconfident. Very soon you’ll begin to use human strategy, and the devil will trap you because God doesn’t want us to be self-confident, He wants us to be God-confident. He wants us to be rooted in Him so that our confidence is only from God. David depended on God. He knew that his victories were not the product of his brain. He knew that his victories were a result of the partnership of God with him. He knew that God was the senior partner and he depended on Him.

PRAYERLord, I pray for a renewed fellowship and relationship that sharpens my hearing in Jesus’ name.

BIBLE IN A YEARJeremiah 31:27-32:44, 1 Timothy 3:1-16, Psalm 88:1-18, Proverbs 25:20-22