If a plan is God’s plan, in order for it to succeed, it must be God’s executed plan using God’s strategy. You cannot use human ideas to carry out a divine programme. That’s why many people get into trouble; they find out the purpose of God but use human ideas and human methods to execute it. We get better in walking with God during the strategy stages; even though it may look foolish, it is still the best.
‘The way of the Lord’ as rendered in Proverbs 10:29 is talking about ‘the style of the Lord’; ‘the method of the Lord’ is the strength to the upright, that is, ‘the method of the Lord will bring strength to the upright’. It’s the upright who can use the method of the Lord. It brings strength. It doesn’t bring defeat.
1 Corinthians 2:1-7 tells us of 4 levels of wisdom- man’s wisdom, the wisdom of this world, the wisdom of the princes of this world and the wisdom of God. ‘Wisdom’ in this passage is talking of strategy. Man’s wisdom includes cultural wisdom, proverbs and wise sayings. The wisdom of this world includes science and the smartness and the sharpness of the people that are worldly wise. Then the wisdom of the princes of this world talks of occultism and satanic wisdom.
You must understand that the wisdom of God is the means to bring the child of God into the beauty and glory of God; yes, to the level of glorification. If a child is not operating in divine wisdom, he will be ashamed in the world; he will suffer and be defeated in the world. When we apply the wisdom of God which is described in the Word of God, we will rise to the heights of glory that is inbuilt into the new birth.

PRAYERLord, I open up my life to divine wisdom to accomplish your will in Jesus’ name!

BIBLE IN A YEARJeremiah 23:21-25:38, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, Psalm 84:1-12, Proverbs 25:15